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We have over a decade of bringing the love of dance to all ages by sharing its beauty, power, and vision in a fresh and unique way! We strive to make all of our dancers feel welcome and at home in our studios, whether they are competitive or recreational dancers. Our staff is invested in each dancer’s success, on and off the dance floor! We don’t just teach dance; we teach valuable lifelong lessons too.

Whether you are looking for an hour a week to have some fun and release some energy, or you are looking to train and improve your dance skills and technique, we have something to offer you. Come join our dance community today!

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About MoonStar

Welcome to Moonstar Dance. We offer an exciting opportunity to connect and inspire your child today! Under the direction of Shadowmoon Wolf, the studio is designed to present dance with an emphasis on technique and professionalism. We offer a variety of classes and styles to meet every dancers' desire, whether they are recreational or looking for a more competitive environment, we have what you are looking for. By placing students at their appropriate level, each dancer is challenged and has the opportunity for individual improvement. In addition to classes, students will have performance opportunities through out the year. It is our hope to give the following to every one of our students.


  • Develop student awareness of the art of dance.
  • Enjoy dance in a professional atmosphere while working hard.
  • Increase students' strength, coordination, flexibility, agility, endurance, control, and grace.
  • Build confidence and self-esteem.
  • Teach students more about themselves and their inner personalities.
  • Educate students on injury prevention through dance.
  • Gain experience with others.
  • Teach students proper technique and body alignment.
  • Give students the tools for a long healthy life.


Our Classes

Expert Instructors with Years of Experience

Many of our dancers have learned from us for years. See for yourself why dance fans of all levels choose Moonstar Dance Studio. Join our community today. Ask about our company troops and learn more about how Moonstar strives to find balance and affordability for all of our company dancers! Do we sound to good to be true? Check us out and learn how our program can work for you.

Ages 2 -4 Incorporating Ballet and Creative Movement, this class lets dancers discover musical skills, develop coordination and learn how to interact with children their own age through dance movement and creativity. Just the class to start them off on the right foot!!!

dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context

For the dancers who want a little bit of both. Working on a continuum, balance, rhythm, musicality carry the dancers into understanding the concentration necessary to continue to grow as a dancer. Dancers begin to learn the basics of Ballet and Tap. Creativity is still a big part of the dance process.

Ballet is the basis of all dance forms developing strength, balance, style and the physical and mental discipline required for the proper executions of dance movements. Working on self-discipline, body placement and developing poise and self confidence and creativity. A progression in learning dance vocabulary, combinations and choreography will carry each dancer forward through each class. A good solid foundation in ballet helps the progress in other dance forms. Ballet is highly recommended for Dancers participating in other dance forms.

Jazz This class emphasizes total body conditioning and awareness working on strength, flexibility, isolation, leaps, turns, creativity, jazz vocabulary, movement, combinations and choreography that is age appropriate. Dancers taking Jazz should consider taking a Ballet Class to help with technique.

Similar to Jazz, but infused with Hip-Hop to be sure to create a fun routine your child will never forget. Styles can be found on current children movie releases as well as Disney JR and many music videos. Mat work included, cartwheels, round offs, etc.

A combination of Jazz, Hip-Hop, and a whole lot of fun. Great class to get moving.

Ballet and Jazz fused together in a contemporary form to express emotion and technical skills. A strong technical skill base in Ballet and Jazz is needed to execute Lyrical dance. This style is incorporated in the intermediate - advanced Jazz classes.

An additional technique class emphasizing the form and practice of leaps and turns used in dance. This class is recommended for any dancer that wants to improve on their technical skills. (Non-Recital)

This area of study adds fun and diversity to a student's training. A Total Dancer with these additional skills ensures their success in the highly competitive field of dance. The Cheer/Tumble class will introduce the student to basic level 1 tumbles. Forward Rolls, Cartwheels, etc. with routines that will include Poms.

Classes consist of basic warm-ups, stage movement and basic dance skills incorporated into different musicals. Classes also include interactive games and exercises to enhance acting skills, confidence on stage and characterization.

Tap develops coordination, rhythmic skills, stamina and musicality. Basic techniques and rhythms taught, focusing on control, speed and clarity of sounds. Tap shoes required.

For any dancer considering one of our company teams in the future. Or any current company member or dancer that wants to focus on technique, strength, flexibility and turns and leaps. This class will give each dancer that extra time to polish and build on the fundamentals of dance. (Non-Recital)

This class introduces the beginning steps of ballet combined with a high energy Hip-Hop routine in the second part of class. This combo class will leave your child interested in learning more about Ballet but excited to move and groove with the beat.

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

A blend of Dance, Pilates, Barre, Circuit and Strength Training. Great for the busy mom who wants to have fun and see some real results in a short amount of time. Come join our amazing group of Moms. All Fitness levels welcome!!! Child care available. · Punch Card Options Available

High energy class focusing on fitness, strength and flexibility while creating a traditional Can Can Kickline Routine. Think New York Rockettes.

Includes: 2 hour private party with a reserved private studio, one skilled instructor to host your party! Can accommodate a certain theme for your "princess" $175.00

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Exercising with others is the perfect motivation to take your personal fitness to the next level. Explore our class selection, complete with positive instructors ready to help you get the most from every training session.

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Pure and simple, we want you to dance with us. Contact us to find out how our superior classes can fit well within your budget.


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  • 4 Classes a Week For An 11-Week Session

75+ Minute Class Fee

  • 1 Class a Week For An 11-Week Session
  • 2 Classes a Week For An 11-Week Session
  • 3 Classes a Week For An 11-Week Session

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